Hello everyone!

We are very happy to announce that in our effort to continue providing free access to the world's largest breach dataset, we have made a number of changes. We are bringing on more resources, including developers, architects, and all that good stuff. It will take a few months to make some immediate improvements, but after that Scylla will be back online with all of it's 1.2+ Trillion glorious records.

With a proper development team behind it, Scylla is going to continue providing public access, and be able to grow the way we want it to.

Will access to Scylla continue to be free?


Will I need to register for any access?

No. Free and unregistered access will have some restrictions on searches and uses but will still access the entire Scylla database.

Will I need to register for more advanced or unlimited access?

Yes. Some more advanced features and APIs will require limited registration from any email address.

We are excited to be delivering better query performance, service uptime and additional APIs and derived insights from the Scylla data to help defenders and researchers improve security programs soon!